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June 18th, 2021 by Robert Cooper

My principle task is as an educator and facilitator on all things pertaining to Scottish Freemasonry. That in essence means that I talk, write, appear on TV, give radio interviews and promote Scottish Freemasonry in any other way possible.

When I posted on 1 May 2020 expressing my surprise and pleasure at the number of presentations I had been invited to give I had been doing so for six weeks. The host of some of those Zoom presentations were not in favour with the ‘powers that be’ and I got into trouble with the highest escalons.

As a Scottish Freemason and a Masonic Historian I eschew all Masonic politics which all to often blights Masonic discourse. ‘Nuff said.

As of today, 14 June 2021, I have given a total of 207 Zoom presentations. 96% of these have been outside normal office hours – mainly evenings and weekends – but there have been some occasions where they have been delivered as 24.00 (mid-night) or even later (that is, in the ‘wee sma’ hours) for countries on the other side of the world. I don’t mind this a bit, in fact, it is an honour to be invited to give such presentations.

The range of subjects of my Zoom presentations, most of which are Masonic related, is huge. From the ‘Holocaust and Freemasonry’ to ‘Masonic Lodges before 1717’ and many, many more besides.

I have been asked to give details of the various presentations and I shall be happy to do so but that will take me a wee while. I was thinking of tabulating the presentations and talks and when I do so I shall post it here.

Meantime, I hope that very one is safe and well and let’s keep our fingures crossed that the pandemic has peaked and will now decline over the next year or so.

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