Robert L.D. Cooper  Author, Historian, Freemason.


Reviews of The Masonic Magician

This book is a real triumph. It does not hide its authors’ passion for the subject – Cagliostro and his ritual. However, it is not a biased effort: it is wonderfully transparent and well-referenced, and enables the reader to make up his or her mind. 

Personally, I consider this to be first and foremost a biography. It is a fascinating tale worthy of the best of fiction; and it is beautifully written. The language is involving and the authors’ enthusiasm and expertise, as well as thoroughness, constantly shine through. 

It was about time that this subject was brought up to date, and I am pleased that it has been done so in such a high calibre fashion. This book eclipses the earlier monograph by Trowbridge. Buy it, and read it.

Mr. Ivan Coldharbour “Coldharbour” (London) 15th September 2008

As a non mason I found this book facinating. A masonic ritual designed to summon angels and to take control of the mystical powers of the planets. I think i may go to the Grand lodge of scotland to see the orignial manuscript of the ritual.

Rowan Lee-Foyster “R.LeeFoyster” (United Kingdom) 15th September 2008

Reviews of Cracking the Freesmasons Code

Excellent corrective to speculative ‘history’ tosh

By David V Barrett Fortean Times. April 2007

What a breath of fresh air this book is after all the dreck I’ve read on Freemasonry in recent years! The author is curator of the Scottish Masonic Museum and Library at Freemason’s Hall in Edinburgh. This means he knows what he’s talking about, and isn’t bound by the party line of the United Grand Lodge in London, who still seem to try to pretend that Freemasonry was created there in 1717…

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Reviews of The Rosslyn Hoax

If you buy no other book about Rosslyn Chapel, make it this one

By Christopher Hodapp,, Aug 2007

Robert L. D. Cooper’s book “The Rosslyn Hoax” is perhaps the most important book yet published about Rosslyn Chapel, the Templars, Scotland and the Freemasons. What makes it so important is that he actually has physically investigated the many claims made about the enigmatic little church over the centuries, especially in the last few decades. He has laid his eye on so many artifacts described by others, and tracked them to their likely, provable meanings or sources. And he has traced the origins of so many legendary claims to their originators, instead of parroting the work of other “speculators.”

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Rowan Lee-Foyster “R.LeeFoyster” (United Kingdom) 15th September 2008