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January 14th, 2023 by Robert Cooper

The New Year is said to be the time to make resolutions for the coming 12 months. I do believe that and is something I have done since a I was a child – my mother and father were very keen as it laid out their plans for the years – savings, holidays and birthday parties etc.

I was placed, unwillingly, on furlough leave at the beginning of the Covid-19 epidemic in early February 2021. That meant that I had to cancel all arrangements to give presentations at home and overseas. These included:

Brazil, Canada, England (numerous), Greece, France, New Jersey, Texas and Turkey. I have managed to catch up on some of those commitments but not surprisingly some have fallen by the wayside given the lapse of time.

This year I shall be fulfilling some of these postponed events beginning with trip to Turkey next week. I have been to Istanbul before and it is one of those special places in the world. I am delighted to know many Freemasons in that country.

In February I shall be travelling to the US to attend the conference of the Grand Masters of North America.

Meantime I am also trying to catch up on my writing. Many papers and a couple of books ‘froze’ during Covid-19 but this year I started writing them. Lewis Masonic will publish at least one of these. More details will be posted here in due course.

Lewis Masonic online bookshop can be viewed at:

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