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HP Sauce

June 11th, 2014 by Robert Cooper


An artist appeals for empty bottles of HP sauce to create a work of art.

This appeal caught my eye not only because I loved HP sauce but there is a major economic and political storm surrounding this quintessential British condiment.

The essential facts are:

1 The original recipe was invented in 1899 by Frederick G. Garton who was a Nottingham grocer

2 He sold his recipe to Edwin S. Moore the founder of the Midland Vinegar Co. This company launched the HP brand

3 HP sauce is a concoction with a malt vinegar base. This is blended with tomato, dates, tamarind extract, sweeteners and spices

4 HP stands for ‘Houses of Parliament’ because it said to have been first served in a restaurant in the house.

5 For that reason the label on the bottle shows an image of the Houses of Parliament

6 Harold Wilson (1916 – 95), Prime Minister (1966 – 70 and 1974 – 76) was a fan

7 More that 29 million bottles are sold every year an is the most popular brown sauce in the UK by a big margin

In 2007 production was moved to Holland causing outrage in Britain especially when the product continued to display the Houses of Parliament on the bottle.

More to follow…

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